Let's go

it is time

Standing in line to board the plane. On my way to Amsterdam. My camera man, Ben, which also serves as the sound man, director and suitcase man is standing behind a fake tree trying to get and artistic picture. I'm not at all certain where I should look to help him achieve the shot but looking forward I can't help but feel somewhat lonely. Most people in the que are flying for a nice short vacation. Me? Well, I decided to fly for a whole month. I know, sounds fun. Now add to this I am going to Europe and will probably visit more cities than the average person will visit in 25 years. But for some reason, I have things with vacations. Can't seem to just sit still.

In 24 hours I am about to start my book tour Journey. Going to find the best 100 entrepreneur stories around Europe. I'm not at all certain why I myself, am personally flying. I had an idea, they said it can't be done and I jumped on the opportunity to prove them wrong or maybe prove to myself I can do it, the thing that most people can't or don't want to do.

I have a feeling I need to go, kill the routine, get tired and back again. I have no idea what will happen from here on, if we can find 100 stories, If I'm just wasting my time or if I go home in the middle of the journey. But entrepreneurship is all about the journey, right?

Join me, it's always good to go on a journey with friends.