the journey is on under way

Leaving Amsterdam after the conference was exciting.

Finally, the journey is on under way. After meeting close to a 100 entrepreneurs, all leaders in the EO chapters in Europe I was condifent I can my 100 stories quickly and with no problems. After all, it's just a small request from everyone. 

The first stop did not go as planned, let me tell you. We arrived at the train station, Ben, my camera guy as we kept referring to him and myself. We took the first train and already made a mistake with our international rail tickets. Luckily we got that sorted out quickly when the lady at the counter laughed at me, stating that entrepreneurs work much harder than the people at the train station. As a sign of good will she signed our new train tickets and wrote it off as her mistake on the computer. People will never stop surprising me.

A few hours later, in Brussels at the center. It's the weekend and the streets are packed. Walking around we found a place, delicious fish and chips. Going back to our hotel, one can't help noticing all the immigrants lying around outside the big branded shops. A sign standing tall with a gorgeous model, perfect looking and underneath, reality, a family sleeping in the cold with a few carton boxes to keep them warm. I believe we are able to do more, as entrepreneurs, as people who are outspoken, as a group with power to make an impact. 

Morning coffee and meeting with Natalya from EO brussels, we jumped into her car and made our way to the EO event. My first talk, not even time for the whole workshop. When we arrive to the place, the office, I'm astonished to see it, it's an old water tower. Never thought I would travel to Europe and give a talk about my life inside a water tower. The office is now home for an interior design firm and every floor is a showroom for a different house room. I fell in love with the vibe, the relaxed environment.

We spoke about EO and the local chapter, growth, business, life and what is a good age to start teaching entrepreneurship. We discussed what it even means and why do we start to teach people at the age of 18 about these things rather when they are still children, still have no idea what it means to fail, when they lack the fear. 

We proceeded to the roof for a picnic lunch, some great people and a cute singer with a complex name. she sang of love, misery, funny stories. Made me rethink my first novel and my hopes of one day writing a script about a love story. Had to buy a CD as I know how good it feels when people do that for me, buying my books after a talk.

We had to dash quickly to make in time to catch the train to Paris.