I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

The train mistakes kept coming as I had to buy a train ticket for the two of us. well, running to make it I failed to check what we already had…. Train tickets. Or at least, a cheap one. Hey, the idea was to travel like a true entrepreneur's journey, under budget, always back against the wall, time stress and unknown issues coming at me every day. But I was on a mission. An important one, getting to the U2 concert in Paris at 20:00 when our train arrives at 18:15.

Arriving at the nick of time, we are late, just booked a hotel online. The app I have been using offers cheaper prices, or so I hope, in exchange for not knowing where you will stay. Only once payment is done, the hotel is revealed. The place was further that I had hoped but I was convinced I can make it.

Running out of the central train station, we are already late, the uber keeps canceling and I'm starting to think, I won't make it. And again, people will always surprise you. The uber driver waited outside, the reception guy at the hotel offered to take our luggage upstairs and at 19:50 I was standing outside the arena, waiting for the U2 concert to commence. For me, U2 has been a major influence when growing up. I still go back to Achtung baby and the Joshua tree once in a while, when I need to think. Standing there, I realize, I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

There is nothing quite like walking in the streets of Paris when talking about storytelling, more so after an amazing concert. The vibe, the smells. Arriving at night and back to the hotel. An O.K. hotel with a tiny room, I was barely able to open my suitcase. Morning coffee in a touristic place. I was getting ready to give my first workshop. There was one small problem, my computer has crashed. Most of my things are gone, files like the workshop presentation are missing and I can't seem to recover anything.

That called for another espresso and some resilience. I will start from scratch and get it ready by 14:30 for my lunch meeting. Paris is still not a formal chapter in EO as they only have 6 members and 16 is the magic number to launch it. Wework was the location for our talk and workshop. 

Over 20 people came, members and prospects. At one point during the workshop I noticed the quiet, everyone was writing as if they are possessed. That was the moment I understood how magic feels like. With a huge smile on my face, we kept going, laughing, getting to know each other and having fun. After workshop drinks on the rooftop and a tasty dinner in a nice restaurant. 

Morning in Paris, on our way to yet another train. Next stop: London.